About The Men’s Program

It provides…

  • Weekly group counselling in various locations
  • An in depth examination of men’s violence against women in terms of power and control
  • Education on woman abuse, including: physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, male privilege, sexual abuse, intimidation and threats
  • Examination of how male violence affects women and children
  • Skills and practice on relating respectfully to women
  • Information about community resources for further treatment (alcohol, mental health)
  • Telephone support for your partner or ex-partner


  • to increase the safety of women and children
  • to end woman abuse
  • to accept full responsibility for the abuse and to be accountable for one’s behaviour
  • to develop attitudes and beliefs about women that are based on equality and partnership
  • to learn practical conflict resolution skills
  • to develop a positive support system

(519) 372-2720


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